Telling the FTZ success story – FTZ program’s anniversary outreach to Congress

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Yes, it’s been 84 years since Congress passed the U.S. Foreign Trade Zones Act in June of 1934 – providing essential tools for companies in the U.S. to remain competitive with foreign-based firms and helping to spread the prosperity of international commerce throughout the United States.

Now, as part of our 2018 Public Affairs Advocacy Campaign, Telling the FTZ Success Story, we are asking FTZ leaders throughout the nation to reach out to Members of Congress – your U.S. Senators and Representatives – and remind them of the value the FTZ program has provided to their states and communities for the past eight decades!

Your NAFTZ Board of Directors, staff, and advisors work diligently in Washington to inform key Senators and Congressmen about the value of the FTZ program and the need for various improvements in trade and tariff policy.  But nothing – repeat, NOTHING – makes an impact on these elected representatives like an informed and persuasive request from one of their own constituents.

It’s not unusual for Senators and Congressmen to issue statements of congratulations to constituents on certain milestones, and many will actually make floor statements and insert congratulations into the Congressional Record. These statements may not be very detailed, but they do indicate that leaders’ concerns from “back home” are being recognized and appreciated by their Members of Congress.

Attached for your use is a draft template of a letter you can use to reach out your Senators and Representatives. We encourage you to personalize this draft with information about FTZs in your state and locality –adding whatever additional information you think is relevant. Public state- and zone-specific data can be found in the FTZ Board’s Annual Report to Congress. We also suggest you enclose a copy of our 2-page fact sheet, “FTZ Facts”.

Instructions on how to find contact information for your Senators and Congressmen are also provided on the “How to Contact Your Member of Congress” attachment.

In the current U.S. trade policy environment, it is critically important for NAFTZ and the U.S. FTZ community to provide and promote the truth about how the FTZ program legally contributes to our nation’s economy, jobs, and global competitiveness. The program’s 84th Anniversary is a great opportunity to tell your own FTZ story in the most compelling way possible. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity.

NAFTZ Public Affairs Advisor, Brian Hannigan of Smith Dawson & Andrews, is available to assist you in this effort. You can reach Brian at or 202-835-0740, ext. 221. Please also provide Brian with copies of any letters you send to your Senators and Representatives. We will review the results of this Congressional Outreach effort at our Annual Conference and Exposition in Atlanta in September.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this important project.

Erik Autor, President

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