A Study of performance of special economic zones (SEZs) in India

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This research study mainly explores that the total number of the investments and incremental investments, employments and incremental employments generations in SEZs in India. This study used descriptive statistical tools tables, charts, graphs, averages and percentages inferential statistical tools used paired t test used to test hypothesis. This study results of state wise distribution of approved special economic zones indicated that the maximum number of are in the state of Telangana, followed by Karnataka and Maharashtra. 

In the sector-wise distribution of approved SEZs found that the maximum in IT, Electronic Hardware and Telecom, followed by Biotechnology and Multi-Product Sectors. This study finally concluded that special economic zones (SEZs) had contributed significantly in the past by way of investments, incremental investments, employment and incremental employments. 

This study finally suggested that the rest of the union and state governments should takes necessary step to give various monetary and non monetary start ups, subsides, direct and indirect tax holiday for setting new SEZs in other than top five state and sectors in India.

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