New World Model – The Future of Industry, an online event for private sector companies, businesses, and stakeholders – 15, 16 and 17 September 2020

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The World Trade organization predicts that global trade will contract by up to 30% as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. The US Congress recently passed the CARES Act to unlock an unprecedented U$ 2 trillion of funding to help support individuals and businesses through this pandemic emergency. Facebook announced that all of its employees worldwide will now have the right to choose remote working configurations for their jobs. Our way of life, and of doing business, is changing before our very eyes. To survive, private companies in every sector will need to develop new business models adapted to the shifting conditions that will emerge as we face the pandemic threat.

The World Free Zones Organization (World FZO) is the voice of over 3.000 zones around the globe that enable a quarter of global trade flows. Zones host over 3 million private companies worldwide and employ over 70 million people. As a global organization, the World FZO is bringing together world-class multinational corporate CEOs, leading industry experts, and senior decision makers to provide insights on the road ahead to the millions of private sector companies and businesses operating worldwide. This online collection of webinars, interviews, panel discussions, and industry reports will collectively form the NEW WORLD MODEL (NWM) event.

The event will explore the different angles of the new industry business models likely to emerge in a post-pandemic landscape. Executives from large global corporate groups, along with senior experts from global NGOs and multi-lateral organizations will offer solutions and approaches to current challenges, emerging opportunities, and future threats across multiple industries and sectors. The result of these conversations will be featured in thoroughly compiled industry reports published after the event as reference tools.

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