Harnessing the potential of special economic zones for private sector development and inclusive industrialization in Southern Africa

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The present report was produced in the context of the United Nations Development Account twelfth tranche project, titled “Promotion and Implementation of Regional and National Industrialization Policies for Inclusive and Sustainable Development in Southern Africa”, which is being led by the Sub regional Office for Southern Africa of the Economic Commission for Africa. 

The primary objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of member States in the sub region to develop and implement industrialization policies and strategies that are consistent with the sub regional industrialization and development frameworks, including through the development and empowerment of the private sector as both the driver and main beneficiary of the industrialization agenda.

 “Special economic zones” (SEZs) is a generic term that encompasses many forms of specially designated clusters of industrial and high-value-added activities, where operators receive incentives not available to other operators in the same economy.

Final report

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