Costa Rica has one of the best free trade zones in Latin America

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The Free Trade Zone of El Coyol, Alajuela Costa Rica is one of two free trade zones included in the Site Selection Top Free Zones ranking which was carried out in November this year and which picked the two best free trade zones per region, in the Latin American and Caribbean region the only two to make the list were El Coyol and the Bogota Free Trade Zone in Colombia.

“Zona Franca El Coyol” has been operating for ten years and is houses multinational companies such as Abbot, Apollo Endosurgery, Establishment Labs, Smith & Nephew, Phillips, Confluent, Cardinal Health, Freudenberg, to mention just a few.

This Free Trade Zone has a total of 107 hectares and only a portion of the land is in use, they now plan to build another five buildings starting as of 2018 and with an estimated investment of US$20 million, confirmed Carlos Wong director of Zona Franca El Coyol.

“ZFC generates a 0.78% of the Gross National Product (GNP), and it promotes the flow of sustainable exports from Cota Rica, which generates an important value chain and specialized knowledge”, explained Wong.

The El Coyol Free Trade Zone is home to 8 of the 30 main medical devices companies in the world and it provides more than 10,500 jobs.

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