Yucatán’s Special Economic Zone will generate 30,000 specialized job opportunities

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The Special Economic Zone (Zona Económica EspecialZEE) of Yucatán, that is located within the municipality of Progreso, will generate thousands of specialized jobs, which are very well paid in the international market of Information Technologies, so that for the next 10 years the generation of some 30,000 job opportunities is expected.

Milenio Novedades said that it already has the first anchor company of the ZEE, which will invest 90 million US dollars in a first stage, and which will also employ entrepreneurs from Yucatan.

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mérida (Canacome), Michel Salum Francis, expressed that Yucatan will have more opportunities for foreign and national investment, and the promotion and creation of better paid jobs for young men and women will be a reality.

He stressed that the start of activities in the ZEE will allow the arrival of more foreign investments to the State, in addition to boosting the investment of companies already established in Yucatán, taht will be able to take advantage of the tax incentives available.

“Without a doubt the opening of the ZEE will bring a huge benefit to the productive sector in general, we are talking about tax benefits that will promote the investment of already established companies and also those seeking to come to settle in our state” he said.

For his part, the leader of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC), Luis Castillo Campos, said that developing the infrastructure of the industrial park of the ZEE represents an unbeatable opportunity for the construction sector in general and specially for local companies.

“The ZEE requires an investment of 4.5 billion US dollars, and these type of resources will begin to flow in the month of September, when the first anchor company for that area is announced to start construction”, Castillo Campos stated.

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