Why special economic zones are that so special

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Khmer Times’ Sok Chan spoke to Hiroshi Uematsu, chief executive officer of Phnom Penh SEZ, on the role of the special economic zone to attract investment, especially from the manufacturing sector. We focused from creating decent jobs and promoting technical transfers to boosting exports into and out of the Kingdom; especially, exports amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

KT: How important are the roles of special economic zones (SEZs) in promoting Cambodia’s export processing industry?

Uematsu: Special economic zones can play a vital role in accommodating higher value-added manufacturers, so long as the developer manages the zone properly.

KT: How many companies are currently operating in the Phnom Penh SEZ and what is the total investment cost so far?

Uematsu: There are among 108 registered companies, with 88 in operation, 14 in preparation, and six closed. The total investment amount is $667 million.

KT: What kind of industries are located in the SEZs in terms of countries of origin as well as types of industries?

Uematsu: Automobile parts, electrical and electronics, plastics, food and beverage, animal feed, garment including footwear, printing and packaging, paint, sanitary goods, diamond polishing among more from 14 countries such as Japan, China, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and a number of other countries.

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