The Geopolitics of Special Economic Zones in the Americas

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As the Western Hemisphere works to recover from the ongoing pandemic, adjust to new global economic shocks, and create good-paying jobs and stable livelihoods for citizens, the private sector will play a key role in fostering development. 

Special Economic Zones, or SEZs represent an important and multifaceted tool for empowering economic development throughout the region, especially as the United States looks to nearshore or “friendshore” key industries. 

In this episode, Ryan C. Berg sits down with Greg Huger, Executive Director of the HUGE Business and Investment Council. Together, they discuss the factors that make an SEZ successful not just for attracting and promoting private enterprise, but engaging local communities and national governments. 

They focus on the role of SEZ operators in the geopolitical space as well, especially in light of China’s efforts to export its own SEZ governance frameworks to the region, as well as the U.S. commitment to support economic rebuilding in Central America at the Summit of the Americas.

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