Macri opens free trade zone in Jujuy to develop northern Argentina

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Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri has inaugurated a free trade zone in the province of Jujuy, in the north of the country, with which he hopes to attract investments and increase access to technology and industrial production in the region.

At a press conference in the town of Perico, where a special regime will be established in which the merchandise will not be subjected to the customary control of the customs service, the president said that “it will be transformed into a big market” and will give opportunities to its inhabitants.

Macri argued that the project is part of the enhancement of the “bioceanic corridor”, with which the Executive wants greater connections from Argentina with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil; and encouraged the arrival of foreign investments, ensuring that they will be “loyal” to those who “accompany” them in the development.

The Argentine president transmitted a positive message about the evolution of the economy of his country, and affirmed that “for the first time in 100 years” a government manages to lower the deficit, inflation and taxes.

About the Andean province of Jujuy, the head of state defended that it is one of the richest in the country “in terms of the 21st century”, thanks to the mining of elements such as lithium and its potential for solar energy production, and said that “the engine of northern Argentina is going to be tourism”.

In the same line, the provincial governor, Gerardo Morales, declared that “the pretty girl” of the growth plans is tourism, but he warned that the free zone “does not solve the problems by itself” and the businessmen “have to put the batteries “. In Argentina there are nine other free zones with a special tax regime, throughout the country’s geography, which seek to relaunch regional development.

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