Oman Economic and Free Zone Summit, 11/04/2018.

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The day-long event, tackling the concept “Building Blocks of Diversification”, will bring  together speakers, panelists and delegates from across the spectrum of Oman’s commercial landscape-industrialists, free  zone  and  special  economic  zone  leaders, as  well  as executives from important support sectors such as engineering and construction, industrial services, shipping and logistics, banking, investment and technology.

Oman Economic and Free Zone Summit 2018  will  feature  three separate  panel  discussions  with  high  profile  invited  guests  and will  also  serve  as  the culmination and launch of ‘Free Zone Watch: Oman 2018’, a unique investment promotion report detailing the Sultanate’s significant investment in, and development of, its four major economic zones.


  • The latest updates on current and upcoming projects worth several billions of dollars.
  • A comprehensive look at Oman’s digital, banking and logisticsindustries, as they relate to free zone activity.
  • Insight into developments at the policy level impacting your organisation’s strategy.
  • Access to the people who make a difference, at the global and national levels.`
  • B2B Conferencing and sector-specific presentations.
  • Experienced, high-profile panellists and timely discussions.


Beyond  being  the  first-of-its-kind,  as  a forum  for  sharing  best  practice  and discussing important challenges and solutions for the industry, Oman Economic and Free Zone Summit 2018 promises to be an effective platform for B2B exchanges and an enjoyable networking opportunity for all of our guests and invited speakers.

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