The SU-MEET: World Free and Special Economic Zones caught global attention in the Principality

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Global market has been moving towards a system which is more and more interconnected. Within this economic evolution, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) are playing as cornerstones of this multi-country business controlling ownership regime.  And not by chance most of FDI investment projects are located in Free and Special Economic Zones because of their advanced technical and infrastructure environment as well as cost advantages and incentives. 

So, those free zones, resulting from a long-lasting tradition, are living a new golden age in many geographical areas like Africa, Europe and Asia. Their potentiality is based on allowing to produce goods or services among themselves while hosting employees in residential areas with more sustainable standards of living.

The World Free & Special Economic Zones Summit – SU-MEET – held at Fairmont Monte-Carlo from the 13th until the 15th November 2019, made Monaco a ‘world hub’ gathering major investors and partners to debate and network.

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