The Adrianople Group launches Open Zone Map – The first map encompassing all special economic zones globally

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– The Adrianople Group, a global research and advisory firm focused on educating the world about Special Economic Zones (SEZs), today announced the launch of its Open Zone Map. Backed by two years of intensive research, the Open Zone Map is a comprehensive visualization of all 5,000 SEZs globally across 70 countries. The map is the largest SEZ dataset available today.SEZs are geographically limited areas where the government offers regulatory and fiscal incentives to companies located within, aiming to stimulate economic growth. SEZs vary by scale, and include office parks, energy zones, ports, tourism zones, charter cities, and others. As the only global firm increasing the quality and amount of accessible data on SEZs, the Adrianople Group’s Open Zone Map provides an exhaustive, interactive visual catalogue of each SEZ on a standard world map.

“According to the World Bank, over 60% of all manufactured goods in the world are made in or transited through SEZs. With our global economy becoming dependent on SEZs, readily available SEZ educational resources are a must to make knowledgeable decisions,” said Thibault Serlet, Co-Founder and Chief Researcher of The Adrianople Group. “As SEZs increase their mark on the world stage, through this map The Adrianople Group will ensure that everyone from investors to government officials have the insights necessary when investing in or developing any SEZ.”

The map has its own search functions, including an advanced search that allows users to search by region, zone type, zone specialization, management type, distance, and activity status. There is also a “how-to” section within the map’s navigation with an explanation on how to use the map and demonstration of various queries and applications for the map’s advanced search features.

 “SEZs have the potential to perform economic miracles, building up international cities such as Dubai and Shenzhen, and developing highly successful manufacturing centers in Rwanda, Cambodia, and the Philippines,” said Katarina Serlet, Director of Strategy and Tenant Attraction for The Adrianople Group. “The most important economic data visualization since the subsea cable map, our Open Zone Map is a knowledge base for millions around the world who seek to effectively invest in the future of SEZs and our global economy.”

The Adrianople Group will be hosting a virtual launch event today, Monday October 25, where the company will give a live demo of the map. You can access the full map at

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