Malaysia’s New Digital Initiative to Booth eCommerce

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DFTZ represents the nation’s 2025 vision to facilitate and generate up to US$65 billion worth of goods movement for export, import and transshipment using eCommerce. This national initiative also strives to achieve the aspirations of the Malaysian National eCommerce Strategic Roadmap (NESR) launched in 2016 which is to double the growth of Malaysian eCommerce. DFTZ and many other initiatives under NESR upholds the eCommerce Imperative; eCommerce is a critical stepping block to “future proof” existing business as well as “expand market access”.

The seamless integration of DFTZ into new and existing infrastructures, systems and processes for trade activities via sea, air and land represents a unique opportunity to bolster trade, logistics and e-Commerce, for the benefit of SME in thriving in global markets. Going beyond the traditional concept of Free Trade Zones, DFTZ looks into simplifying and digitizing the end-to-end processes involved in cross border trade.

Inspired by Jack Ma’s vision of Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP), DFTZ sought to leverage the vast expertise and network of Alibaba platforms to establish a pilot at KLIA Aeropolis by 2017. With this, DFTZ will expand its products and services to benefit the whole regional trade community through collaborative and integrated partnerships with the private and public sectors.

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