Sohar Port and Freezone hosts annual Business Reception

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Sohar Port and Freezone on Wednesday, January 24, hosted its annual Business Reception at The Chedi in Muscat, and revealed its operating results for 2017. Despite volatility in the global maritime sector, Sohar once again posted a year of consistent growth with an average of over one million tonnes of cargo handled by the port every week in 2017. Container traffic was up by 36% compared to 2016, dry bulk throughput increased by 25% year-on-year. Solar received 3,075 vessel calls in 2017, marking a significant increase of 17%, despite the continued global trend towards consolidation and larger ships.

“We are pleased to report another year of solid growth for Sohar Port and Freezone. In 2017 we focused strongly on the food sector and were able to attract significant public and private sector investments to the cluster. Our focus on this field enabled us to capture a larger slice of the food products cargo trade in the region,” said Mark Geilenkirchen, Chief Executive Officer of Sohar Port and Freezone. “This is aided by the steady growth in aggregate cargo volumes and investments at the port, such as the upcoming port Sohar Port South expansion, which is set to deliver additional cargo capacity and attract significantly more business.”

Mark Geilenkirchen mentions that growth from within the Freezone also plays a significant role in the growth of port operations. As the number of resident businesses increase, so to do cargo volumes. “Additionally, we are promoting the consolidation of shipping cargo for smaller players in the Freezone, many of whom currently transport their cargo overland to other port destinations in the region. Providing more practical options for clients to consolidate their cargo reduces unnecessary handling and delays, and helps to increase cargo volumes,” he said.

Looking ahead at 2018, Sohar is promoting the theme of ‘Smarter Thinking’, streamlining operations and improving efficiencies. “We work closely with our colleagues at the Port of Rotterdam in the areas of new logistics strategies and adopting the latest technologies. At Sohar, we pride ourselves in promoting a ‘Smarter Thinking’ culture, one that ensures that innovative ideas are freely shared and championed,” says Geilenkirchen.

With so many developments taking place, coupled with the optimal location of the port, and the Sultanate’s reputation as a reliable and stable business environment, the SOHAR Port and Freezone has a bright future ahead, not only as a beacon of growth and prosperity for the region, but as a key player in achieving the economic diversification goals of the Government in the years ahead.

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