China Free Trade Zones – Where are they?

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Since establishing the first China Free Trade Zone in Shanghai in 2013, Chinese authorities have moved swiftly and established a further 10 zones, with even more planned. Although the Shanghai Free Trade Zone is now fairly well known among foreign companies, awareness of the other Chinese FTZs is still relatively low.

This article gives an overview of the 11 China Free Trade Zones currently in operation and outlines where they are located with maps. Each of the China Free Trade Zones are named after the province or municipality they are located in, and the majority are comprised of 3 different areas.

With much fanfare, China’s first FTZ was established in Shanghai in 2013, three more were added in 2015, and a further seven in 2017. Whilst the first four China free trade zones were centered around coastal areas with sea ports,six of the seven most recent zones are located inland, indicating a push to develop the economy of China’s interior.

The 11 FTZs have each been given a “focus” by the State Council, which we have summarized and translated below. We have listed the FTZ’s in alphabetical order with numbering consistent with the map above.

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