Handbook of Research on Special Economic Zones as Regional Development Enablers

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Special economic zones (SEZs) are important doorways for countries to attract foreign investment and promote trade. A strong correlation between the creation of SEZs and economic development indicators has also been identified in previous studies, at the municipal level, in China. Thus, the fundamental question that needs to be explored is to what extent SEZs can play the role of development enablers in different regions, development states, and institutional settings.

The Handbook of Research on Special Economic Zones as Regional Development Enablers discusses the diverse and international track records in the implementation of SEZs, the interplay of SEZ models and local institutional infrastructure and stakeholders, and the SEZ models that can best fit certain development states and/or settings. Covering topics such as the Belt and Road Initiative, local and national economies, and regional integration, this book is essential for government officials, development officers, scholars, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, public decision makers, aid agencies, company executives, investors, and academicians.

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