Announcing the 2018 FTZ Success Story Challenge

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In the current U.S. trade policy environment, it is critically important for NAFTZ and the U.S. FTZ community to provide and promote the truth about how the FTZ program legally contributes to our nation’s economy and international competitiveness.

Following our very successful Legislative Summit and Congressional Appreciation Awards Reception in Washington, D.C. in February, we are ready to move to Phase Two of our 2018 Public Affairs Advocacy Campaign, Telling the FTZ Success Story. The focus of this phase will be to document and compile FTZ success stories from throughout the nation.

To kick off this campaign, NAFTZ is announcing the 2018 FTZ Success Story Challenge! — a competition for FTZ Grantees, Operators and Users to tell their success stories convincingly in text/graphics format. Challenge winners will be selected by online vote of the entire NAFTZ membership. Winners will be announced at the NAFTZ Spring Seminar in Portland, Oregon on May 21.

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